Thursday, January 22, 2009


Australia the movie has been described as an epic romantic adventure which impresses upon the viewer that it is more than that three word description. It has a bit of everything from a Western, a World War II epic, a Romantic movie, and even Historical-Social Awareness of Australia's past. It even felt like a travelogue with the dramatic landscapes of the country being featured in the movie.

I was curious about this movie because it created so much backlash on Nicole Kidman on her acting and I can't seem to grasp why an Oscar award winner would garner so much harsh criticism from the blogosphere. Being blessed again with an invitation to the press premier of Australia here in Manila, I didn't let the chance pass by to check out the reason why, because from what I read in Newsweek in their December 8, 2008 issue, it seemed to praise the movie and Nicole Kidman in a good and a moderate way.

The movie runs for almost 3 hours and I know how most of the time a movie that runs that long could become tedious, I never felt that with Australia. Visually it was captivating. What it showed the world was a part of Australia that would make anyone want to take on an adventure to experience and see those parts of the country. Add to fact that Hugh Jackman was simply pleasing to look at, proving that he really is the sexiest man alive. There's something about the movie no matter how grand and how visually stunning it was made me felt that there's something lacking. Believe it or not I still felt it needed something which I cannot fully express after almost 3 hours in the cinema. The movie didn't disappoint though I was entertained, it served its purpose to entertain me and transport me into another place and time.

One other aspect of the movie that has grabbed my attention right from the very start were the costume and props. Nicole Kidman's character Lady Sarah Ashley was exquisite right from the very opening scene and that luggage set she used was just divine. From what I have read in the Media Kit that was handed to me during the movie premier the luggage set was custom made by Prada and the footwear is from Salvatore Ferregamo. The costume alone felt like it was a part of the cast rather than pieces of clothing worn by the actors.

Australia is a departure from the hyper energized movies that Baz Lurhmann is known for. In Australia he focused on emotions, from the romance of Lara Sarah Ashley with the Drover, Hugh Jackman's character and the bond that formed with Lady Sarah and the half caste boy named Nullah, played by the newcomer Brandon Walters. Mr. Lurhmann succeeded in conveying the emotions across the viewers, I swooned when the Drover made his entrance to the ball, I cried when Lady Sarah and Nullah were forcibly separated at the pier and I was happy that Lady Sarah, the Drover, and Nullah had a happy ending while the bad guys meet their proper fate and demise.

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