Friday, January 16, 2009

a very good 2009

this year i chose not to write the about the best christmas gift that i received; truth is i didn't receive much last christmas which was perfectly okay with me because i got more than what i wanted for, before christmas day and after christmas day. last december 18, 2008 i received an email from marie claire philippines that i won gift certificates from l'oreal from a contest that i joined featured in the magazine last november; a lovely surprise indeed. i haven't claimed the gift certificates as of this time as there were changes needed to be done on the gift certificates but hopefully sometime next week i'll be able to. it was for me something to look forward to since i would be claiming it by january 2009 when offices resume business after the long holiday.

i got a bigger surprise when i saw this while updating my resume for a renewed effort to job hunt in this made me blink and stare at the page for a minute or two. i was so delighted and overly ecstatic, it may not be my dream laptop but i won it and now it's part of my collection of lucky charms. for the past week that i have it i can't seem to contain my joy. i would use my new laptop and a smile would be plastered on my face. i also can't seem to stop saying how cute it is. its features does have its shortcomings but i can live with it. i still need a laptop bag and a router here at home but i am bliss still from winning something significant.

for years now, one of my biggest pastime is to join contests, whether online or raffles from department stores or magazine promos. i have won quite a number of them. i even won the lotto once for about P2,000. i can't say i am very lucky but i do have my lucky moments. these prizes were a wonderful way to welcome 2009 which makes we want to say "keep 'em rolling".

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