Saturday, March 28, 2009

krispy kreme karnival

this blog post will be completely inadequate of photographs and vocabulary to describe my delight on having a reason to eat and eat something as sinful as krispy kreme's chocolate glazed donuts. my sister and i attended the launch of krispy kreme's chocolate karnival and the event was a sensory overload. the bonifacio high street store of krispy kreme was jam packed with people that somehow it distracted me from taking photographs during the event. i was a willing participant in the featured games and well i was busy tasting what's behind the glass display cases that after the event these photographs are what we managed to take from my netbook. the only other reminder that we attended the event are the two empty boxes of krispy kreme donuts in the trash and the yet to be read and opened press kit that was handed to us.

the donuts was the main focus of the event so i will talk about it a bit. the chocolate glazed donuts were a sure winner, i can't seem to get enough of it especially when fresh, hot and dripping of chocolate, it was sinfully delightful that it didn't matter if chocolate smeared on my face. i love the original glazed donuts and i didn't have trouble liking the chocolate version. attending the event made me feel that i should treasure my current job because it is giving me enough time for things like this. it makes me think what maybe.