Saturday, October 18, 2008

blogging and working

hats off to those people who work and can still blog. i started working some two and a half months ago and i haven't blogged ever since. it's not the lack of material to write about but it's more the lack of time to do so. the industry that i work for, the fashion industry would have been such a delightful source of updated juicy information but i guess working with a lot of arrogant airheads has rubbed off on me that i find myself rather less articulate and less versed than i was when i was jobless. ah, i miss the domesticity of being jobless that has been brought on me, at least that period of my life has led me to explore what i really am interested in, reading and writing.

work does feel like work, no matter how elegantly decorated my work place is and no matter how i am surrounded by so much luxury goods that a girl could ever dream of. going to work feels like stepping into heaven but interacting with the people i work with is like hell. i sometimes wonder if it is just me or is it them? am i not a girl who loves fashion? why am i not enjoying this job who a lot of girls dream of, to be a part of the fashion scene, wasn't it exciting then when i was starting? the romance has faded and it has gone stale. the stark reality behind the all the manolos and the dolces and the make-up and the bling has faded. there was a day this past week that i aksed myself, if it's time to waltz out of work and never look back. maybe, maybe not yet.