Saturday, January 3, 2009

additional chritsmas message

while i skipped on e-cards this year. i wrote this email to everyone on my yahoo contacts unfortunately i forgot i have 4 other email addresses but i think that yahoo email address after owning it for so long covers almost everyone i know and have known in my life. what inspired me to write this email is the homily of fr. gerry batad, sdb on christmas eve. i was jolted by his message and how he describe chritsmas of today the commercial and the religious one. i came to realize that although i loved christmas for as long as i could remember, i have been celebrating christmas the commercial way and even the joy of shopping for gifts and carefully wrapping each gift myself, slowly each year, it was becoming a daunting task and the joy of giving is slowly dissipating. i sat in front of the computer for a while and i decided to re-examine my thoughts on christmas and before i left for a dinner invitation on christmas day of 2008. i decided it wasn't too late to write this:

this christmas while i was able to do my snail mails, i kind of decided to skip my almost yearly e-cards. i thought i'd get a better on time response on yahoo messenger and sms. so i skipped sending out e-cards for christmas, went on texting everyone on my phone book and left offline messages on my ym list. i got a better response in terms of those who replied but i still felt a bit underwhelmed on myself, it is as if there's something missing. one big reason i skipped e-cards this year is that i can't seem to think of what to write and what i really would like to relay across. the holidays seemed to blur through me because i was so wrapped up in my last week before i resigned at work i never really had any moment to soak up the holiday feeling. as usual it is work that made me into almost "scrooge like" mode. i get so immersed in work i always end up not living my life. by the time i had time in my hands, i am just scraped bare and i really can't seem to share christmas cheer. today christmas day, i somehow realized what i want to say, a very simple and heartfelt "merry christmas to everyone". no politically correct "happy holidays" but good old merry christmas. christmas isn't about me and whatever is wrong in my life, it's the celebration of the nativity of christ. i seemed to have forgotten how i use to love christmas no matter what. i hope that everyone just like me will realize that christmas isn't just about us, it's about christ and it's a day we should celebrate no matter what.

merry christmas everyone!

i found joy and i felt christmas while writing and sending it to my friends. somehow the spirit of christmas was with me. i went to that dinner invitation feeling that christmas truly has came.

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