Friday, November 27, 2009

What Now, Krista? Unsolicited advice from talent managers and PR pros | Spot.PH

What Now, Krista? Unsolicited advice from talent managers and PR pros | Spot.PH

I can't help but jump on the Krista and Manny rumored love affair. It was hot news last week and I know I'm a bit late but still I think it's worth writing about. I don't know Krista Ranillo that much but I know that their family is related to my maternal grand mother's family. A connection I'm not so proud about and a connection they're not so proud about either and only acknowledge every time Matt Ranillo tries to bid for a political post in Zamboanga del Norte.
Like any thinking and sane Filipino I go for the underdog, in this case Jinkee, the wife. She may be toting LVs and Chanels but still she is the poor and suffering wife. In any culture the "mistress" is always portrayed as the devil incarnate and the temptress. I can't help but wonder why the blame isn't also put towards the guy, Manny in this case. If he had as much discipline with his personal life as he does with his boxing we wouldn't be talking about this affair. His success in the boxing ring and whatever spotlight is being put towards him and thus the Philippines in the process has been eclipsed by this affair. Most times when success gets to your head and one thinks that nothing can destroy his image, I'd like to say "Think Again MANNY". This affair has left us with distaste. A lot of Filipino women are willing to take Jinkee's side and boycott you no matter what pride and glory you bring to the country. Infidelity speaks volumes about a person's character. Cheating on one's wife is unforgivable but to do it in a public arena where part of the path you take in life is to be famous for what you do, is more unforgivable. For being a sports legend comes with responsibility not just on what you choose to do but also with what you do in your personal life.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

on the loop

these 2 songs are my current favorites. i don't know how many times i have listened to these 2 songs in the past week. i know i am just like a kid excited in something new i can't let go of my new thing. i am in love with the lyrics and the melody of these songs and when i am not listening i keep repeating them in my head.
leona lewis' "happy" invokes something in me that reminds me to just let go and be happy; to sometimes think that my own happiness should come before consideration of other people or things. my favorite lines from this song is that reminder i am talking about; "so what if it hurts me? so what if i break down? so what if this world throws me off the edge my feet run out off the ground i gotta find myself i wanna hear my sound don't care about other pain in front of me cause i am just trying to be happy." it's almost selfish when i think that i want to put my own happiness before others but it also makes perfect sense how can i share what i don't have right? i need to find my own happiness before i radiate it to the world.
kris allen's "live like we're dying" reminds me again of what's important or rather who. this particular line made me think "who would you call with your last good byes?", i guess my call list would change from time to time but the changes would be so minimal, in my 28 years somehow i know now the people that matters and who should be included on that list.