Sunday, July 19, 2009

Missing Bob Blummer

It was about 36 hours after this event that I was able to see this congratulatory notice in my inbox. It's not Discovery Travel and Living's fault, it is entirely my fault that I don't check my emails as often as I used to. I have made a schedule that I only check my personal emails on weekends which is entirely at times useless because there are certain things that needs to be checked in the middle of the week. I have always thought about getting a blackberry but have also thought about my addictive tendencies. I won't discuss that much but lately truth be told I am mostly out of touch whether it's texting or a simple phone call. I guess I'll blame it on the night shift for the mean time or my crazy hormones.

Too bad I am such a big fan of this food and travel shows that Discovery Travel and Living airs. I specifically like Bob Blummer's shows because he's not afraid to look like a fool on the challenges he does for Glutton for Punishment and even if it's trivial I do pick some bits of information from his show. Some bits that might be helpful if I might end in one of the destinations that the show has featured. Who knows?