Monday, November 26, 2007

christmas wishlist and gifts giving

recently i have been asked if i have a christmas wish list. while i have made a wishlist and have posted it in this blog some months ago; i have specifically stated that those things weren't exactly what i expect to be opening this christmas or in any other occassion that may require me to open a present. there are two things in my christmas wishlist this year, i want to be surprised by what i will receive and i want to feel that the gift was given some thought before it was given to me. i want gifts that are given to me that either reflect how the giver perceives me or i want the gift to reflect the personality of the person who gave it to me. gifts are meant to amaze and sometimes astound but gifts should never be anticipated. i want that element of suprise, that spirit of amazement, and even the suspense of what i will be opening so please to everyone who is thinking and will be giving me something this christmas, give it some thought as i will also try my best to do the same with what i will be giving.

i know that the holiday gift giving causes a certain exasperation and frenzy. christmas has been so commercialized that we tend to give gifts and forget the meaning of why we do give. the spirit of giving stems from the fact we too have received the gift, the most important of all, the gift of a messiah. so pause and feel the essence of that. sometimes the best gifts are just life saving. it could be that one book that could change one friend's life, that recipe with the ingredients in a basket that will later turn out to be her signature dish, or it could be as mundane as an eraser. it's always the thought that counts not the gift.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

the sexiest man alive

finally after years of anticipation, my favorite hollywod guy is the sexiest man alive of 2007 by people magazine. after years of playing runner-up to pals george clooney and brad pitt, matt damon is this year's sexiest man alive. i have been in awe of matt damon eversince i saw him in "good will hunting" and him winning the oscars for best original screenplay together with college friend and fellow actor ben affleck. i will have to grab a copy and save it for the scrapbooks later! hehehe!