Monday, June 11, 2007

new blog on a new site

everybody in my friendster list probably knows that i keep a blog on my friendster account so why bother with a new one? i ended up creating this blog when i logged into my friendster account a couple of weeks ago and my friendster blog was inaccessible. that pissed me off as i was itching to write a blog about moving back to manila. i wanted to make an announcement that i have moved back to the city after seven months in guisokan, sinadangan, zamboanga del norte (the middle of nowhere). the idea of writing a blog has drained away by the time i clicked the link to blogs in my friendster account and suddenly being asked if i want to create a blog and not being routed to my blog. i know friendster does end up with technical glitches quite often and people like us who use their free service should just contend with it. but sometimes when you really want to write and creative juices are flowing (as if!) and something like that happens the it sucks big time.
so here i am now in my back up blog writing my first post. i hope i could have enough to keep up with two blogs though. we'll see! :)