Sunday, August 16, 2009


i know i have repeatedly been quoted that i won't ever blog about my opinions on public issues that could haunt me at some later time except for my stand in tibet which i posted in my friendster blog. i am known for being straightforward and someone who wears her opinion in her sleeve during conversations or mostly when i am talking, to be honest (with all the pun intended on this phrase), but i have always been careful about what i write in the world wide web because just like the other www that is the wild, wild west the internet is a place where a person can be free to express one's opinion but it does come with the price of being open to ridicule or simply outrage from anyone who comes across what has already been written. i may always have the option to delete what i have posted but deleting doesn't change anything, i still wrote what i wrote so i choose what to write about and mostly i don't comment on social issues and headlines. these topics are raw and bring out emotions to a lot of people, i am a very private person who talks a lot but still a lot of people find me an enigma. my opinions are stuck in my head and i at times ask myself why not blog about after all, i think with all the reading i do i am pretty well informed when i open my mouth. it's a choice just like everything in life.

there is one current issue though that i'd like to talk about. i feel strongly about the issue and i know that a lot of people might not agree with me and i might draw ire from whoever has time to read my blog but i'll write about it anyway. it's about the lavish dinners that pres. macapagal-arroyo had in the u.s. frankly when i heard about it and the overreaction i can't seem to understand all the hoopla. sorry but i do think that a head of state is worthy of such dinner whether she is a head of state of a first world or a third world country. she can have dinner anywhere she wants what i probably would disagree was the sheer number of hangers-on who came with her to that dinner if they have kept the number of people at a certain number the dinner could just have ended in thousands instead of tens of thousands of dollars but anyway no matter how much the tab would have ended up for whoever truly paid for those dinners, she'll still be under scrutiny. it was a no win situation for a person that is the center of all our scrutiny but come on for sure there are people worst than pres. macapagal-arroyo and we're just pinning all of our attention on her because she's the one in the top position. we the masses are being dragged to take sides on personal vendettas of every opposition group that has ever been formed in this country. we get certain headlines played over and over again because someone pushes certain issues into public light and some just get swept under the rug. we are all just taking a roller coaster ride from one breaking news to the other and nothing concrete ever gets done anyway except for a senate inquiry that makes our senate look like csi rather than a legislating body. it's tiring and it has been vicious cycle of issue then senate inquiry then nothing. yesterday i saw a headline about the pres. macapagal-arroyo's trips abroad having overspent around P1.6bn who cares at least those trips bring some investments back to the country unlike a certain president who barely traveled because of the obvious reason that his head was so empty or was he too drunk to have a decent talk with any of his counterparts during his time. let the president have dinner wherever she wants to. for sure if she had dinner at a sabrett hotdog stand in new york we would all be wagging our tongues too about how unbecoming of her.