Monday, August 18, 2008

job opportunity (project manager)

i don't know how much traffic my blog gets but i'll take my chances. i've recently started work and one of my very first assignments in my glorified "slave" position is to find a project engineer that would supervise construction and renovation for the stores of the retail company that i work for. since i like my boss and my job i want to make a good impression. so i am posting this hoping that this will be fruitful and will yield a number of resumes in my email.i am looking for a project manager in house or per project basis, a graduate of architecture or civil engineering or mechanical engineering. an experience in construction would be a plus point. if anyone is interested please email me at oh by the way the pay is good and i can attest to that i work for the company.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bangsamoro Juridical Entity Opposer

I strongly oppose the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity MOA. I was born in Mindanao, Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte to be exact, although it won't be included in what is described as "a widen version of the ARMM". I don't think this Muslim groups will stop till they get the whole Mindanao for themselves. I am sorry but I can't be sympathetic to the idea that the BJE is for peace, it sounds and looks more like a pacifier for the very power greedy throwing a tantrum and Malacanang can't do anyhting about it except hand over what they want. I won't be surprised if one these days the MNLF or MILF or whoever decides to pick up the cause of the "poor plight of the Filipino Muslims" would ask for the whole country to be handed over to them.

I am apolitical even during the time that I worked for a politician but I can't help but voice my opinion mixed with very personal concerns with regards to the explosion of the news with regards to the BJE MOA. This issue does hit close to home. The BJE did creep out of nowhere. No one was really aware about it except for those who were involved in the process of this deal. I hope that this BJE MOA will never see full realization because Mindanao isn't just for the MILF or Muslims, there are other people who lives there who wouldn't want to be under a Muslim dominated rule.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my recent book wishlist

my obsession for books hasn't waned. this is my recent book wish list.

delightful graphics

sheila sent me an email with such delightful graphics that amused me so much. the words were a bit cheesy but i decided to save and post here on my blog 2 of my favorite out of 8 graphics in that email.

1. this one seems like the ducks were fighting but the the pop-up would reveal that they're arguing in a rather amusing way about being best friends.

2. this image of the peanuts gang is very reminiscent of my childhood days watching loads videos from our then vcr. those were the good old days.

Friday, August 1, 2008

tales of beedle the bard by j.k. rowling

sometime ago this book came out, about seven copies of the handwritten original that j.k. rowling gave to the certain people that she felt deserved to have that gem of a book. one was auctioned for about $4 million sold to amazon. now it is made available. i can't describe how giddy i felt when i opened an email from barnes and noble with this book as the message. i can't wait for it to come out. as everyone knows the tales of beedle the bard is the book that hermione inherited from dumbledore. so much of the tales has helped the trio of hermione, ron, and harry on the seventh book.