Monday, May 18, 2009

the last 2 movies i recently saw

my new work environment has been allowing me a lot of free time for myself. i still am at work for 9 hours a day but that's about it nothing extra and it's very rare that i get to do overtime, 1 hour is the most overtime work i do. with that i am able to schedule what i want to do from my laundry, to my dog's grooming, my email time except for my blogging because work is routine that it hardly stimulates me to write. besides with the bank's rules on what could and couldn't be written about work, i don't have time to dissect which stuff that happens at work would place me in a hot spot. so i don't blog about work and i only talk about work in such an abstract manner enough for everyone to know that i am working

i haven't paid for a movie that i have seen in the cinema for about 2 years which also meant i didn't get to choose what i could watch but this past week with free time and no free movies i decided it's about time to start paying for movies again.

the first movie i watched was star trek. i was a bit skeptical about the possibility of liking it. new york times gave a positive review and ben lyons from e news gave it a positive review as well so i thought it could just possibly be something worth watching but i still had my doubts . my sister convinced me to watch it. i have to be honest i was a bit half-hearted when i entered the cinema but i wasn't feeling that way anymore when i went out. i was entertained and not being a trekkie i still had a wonderful time. i am anticipating the next star trek movie. if only they made the tv series the way the movie was made i would have been a fan a long time ago. it also doesn't hurt that chris pine and zachary quinto were so good looking that it made the movie all the more interesting.

i couldn't post this blog without mentioning that i watched "angels and demons", i missed church last sunday because i had to work saturday shift in exchange of one weekday off and after shift of course i spent the whole day sleeping only to be woken up sometime 7:30pm sunday night with the promise that i'll get to eat mcdonald's for dinner if i get out of bed and a movie is in store. so i ended up at the movie in the last run of the movie for that day. my catholic guilt weighing heavily on me that i managed to skip church but was able to watch a somewhat less scandalous dan brown book turned into a hollywood blockbuster. i have to say that i like angels and demons better than the da vinci code. i didn't sleep at all while watching unlike during da vinci code and although i felt like tom hanks was a tourist guide rather than a specialist taken by the swiss guards to assist in a criminal mystery, i was paying attention. ewan mcgregor and stelan skarsgard played their parts so well they stood out but what stood out the most was the setting, vatican and rome itself is the star of this movie. if there's something good about this movie it promoted that part of the world so well they could have replaced lonely planet guides for a little while there.

by thursday i have another movie to watch, hopefully i will exert effort to write about it.