Friday, December 19, 2008

holiday greetings

while i still haven't gotten around to doing my christmas e-cards and i haven't snail mailed about 2 quarters of the christmas cards i wrote this year i thought i'd start posting something in my blogs, something general for my greetings to come across to everyone.

happy holidays to everyone who takes the time to check my blogs once in a while. i'll try my best to be a better blogger this coming year by posting more and no post too far in between. there's nothing worse than a blog with nothing but stale posts on it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

one thing i found out about myself

the term deviated septum always conjures up images of malin akerman's lila in the movie "the heartbreak kid". while i didn't get any bones broken during the accident not even a hairline fracture, one thing that the doctor saw in my x-rays was a deviated septum leaning towards the left possibly i was born with it. i do remember when i was around 13 years old i bumped into a post face first, maybe that could be the cause and i never just felt anything at that time. i never did suspect i have the condition, physically it isn't visible and i don't have the common symptoms of obstructed breathing, nose bleeds, or congested nose. one thing that i always bring up is maybe it's the main reason why i can't sing a note in tune to save my life and i now have a valid reason to have a nose job, a septoplasty though not a rhinoplasty.