Wednesday, March 26, 2008

must have, must work for

these are the two gadgets that i would love to buy ASAP.

the reader digital book from sony so that i won't be able to debate which book to bring on any trip. that's 160 books on internal memory and there's always expandable memory for more books to be downloaded. oh my, dear me i want one!!!

of course my dream still of replacing the good old digital camera to a samsung nv series digital camera. this time though in the nv series it's the nv 24hd that i really want.

so a note to myself to work hard for it.

american idol season 7

i haven't been much of an american idol fan. i remember being irritated everytime arlene, a very dear friend of mine back in l.a., would text to remid me to vote for jasmine trias back then. although i liked kelly clarkson the very first american idol, i only started paying attention to the show during taylor hick's season, which i guess was season 5. first i genuinely liked taylor's charisma premature gray hair and all and i liked katharine mcphee and elliot yamin and i can't leave out chris daughtry. then last year after my very gruelling political stint i was able to catch the tail end of season 6. i have to admit that i was rooting for blake though he didn't win, a neat 1st runner up was good enough to launch a career for him.

for season 7 admittedly my week revolves on the anticipation of american idol day. i know it sounds like a looser couch potato life, but this is very rare for me to have this much time in my life. this season has produced head turning talents. my absolute favorite is david cook, "the rock god", who managed to rock every song he has ever performed. i can't also take away ramiele from my list being pinay and that voice clarity that no one else has among her competitors. michael johns and chikezie would be two of the other idol top 10 whom i also wouldn't mind winning.

as for those whom i could skip i have to say i dislike carly smithson, an early favorite who somewhere along the way disappointed me by not living up to the hype by continually adding that signature scream-like part in every song she sings. kristy lee cook, what can i say, just plain old boring and i have to borrow simon's "forgettable" adjective for her.

in general, this is a very good season. hey there's even eye-candy with talent in jason castro. there's the sunshine like attitude of brooke white and david archuleta's almost stellar performances save for that teeny bit where he forgot the lyrics on beatles week 1. syesha mercado well she can just be that dark horse having very good perfomances this two consecutive weeks.

still it will be david cook, rock on!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter greetings

happy easter everyone. although i have mostly slacked off the religious activities and duties for most of the holy week except for the palm sunday mass and the easter mass, to my mother;'s disappointment, i hope that it was still meaningful for the rest of you.