Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 BDJ and Blogberry Planners

These are the two planners I am currently using. It is my first time to use two planners at the same time. I have gotten by with one for the longest time. The Belle de Jour planner has been a constant in my life. This 2014 edition is my 7th one. I had it personalized with my first name. I made sure it got done since they offered it for the first time to loyal BDJ users.  The Blogberry Foodie Lifestyle Planner was given to me as a Christmas gift by my friend Rhea. She thought it was the perfect companion to Alicia Colby Sy's book, Eat Out Now which she also gave me for Christmas. I love to eat out and the two together are just perfect. At first I didn't know what I'll do with two planners. I can't write tasks, reminders, notes, and what nots in duplicates simply for the heck of it. So I divided their use. 

My BDJ planner is used to list down my daily task,reminders, and notes. It has almost everything about my life that needs to be done, get paid, get noted, and paid attention to. 

My Blogberry is used to remind me of my 2014 52 Week Savings Challenge and restaurants I'm going to try and have tried on certain dates. I use it as some sort of journal whereby I write my reviews and thoughts on restaurants I've eaten at especially the new ones I've tried. 

This is my life in writing... Almost perfectly organized! (Pun intended there) 

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