Friday, August 1, 2008

tales of beedle the bard by j.k. rowling

sometime ago this book came out, about seven copies of the handwritten original that j.k. rowling gave to the certain people that she felt deserved to have that gem of a book. one was auctioned for about $4 million sold to amazon. now it is made available. i can't describe how giddy i felt when i opened an email from barnes and noble with this book as the message. i can't wait for it to come out. as everyone knows the tales of beedle the bard is the book that hermione inherited from dumbledore. so much of the tales has helped the trio of hermione, ron, and harry on the seventh book.


Jimi Cochrane said...

aye i heard about this book, daniel radcliff came to my primary school for a while, cus is uncles the principle (ballyduff primary) played football with him too, i remember him saying he was filming some movie called harry potter, but we wer more interested in the movie he had already done, david copperfield, which was classs! it funny cus no1 knew much bout harry potter back then. his pics in the belfast telegraph with me tryna steal da centre from him lol

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