Sunday, July 6, 2008

why i love juno?

while returning the latest dvd that i borrowed, juno, from the local video store, the customer attendant asked me if i liked the movie. i said "of course", why not it was a very charming yet very unconventional movie. it was how i would describe juno, the main character herself. the customer attendant whom i am pretty much acquainted with by now, found it to be boring, something that made my pupils dilate in disbelief. i don't want to contradict anyone's taste, after all it is a free country and i've always said "to each his own" in tastes and opinions. juno happens to be a very big success in hollywood being an indie movie. of course it had its fair share of controversy being blamed for its supposed influence towards teen girls in america, that being pregnant is "cool". the movie isn't what the controversy describes it to be, juno the character is cool, being pregnant is not by the number of times that juno herself complained on how uncomfortable pregnancy is.

the movie itself has a very simple plot, 16 year old girl gets pregnant, didn't want to have an abortion, and instead found a very nice couple, at the pages of penny saver, who was looking for a baby to adopt. it was this couple that brings some of the conflict, well not to discount juno's stepmom, to also bring a mild mix of conflict as well. a few bumps along the way including juno's baby bump, the movie ended with a very happy ending. it was what was aptly narrated somewhere near the end parts of the movie, it was a love story in reverse. juno fell in love with the baby's father, blecker, after the baby was born. juno the movie had the right mix of humor, melodrama, and poignant moments that left my eyes twinkling with a bit of tears.

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