Tuesday, July 8, 2008

why i disliked jumper?

i stopped myself short of titling this blog into "why i hate jumper?" because someone once told me that hate is such a strong word and he suggested that i use the word dislike instead. from then on i would always check myself on whether using the word hate is necessary in any situation that i am faced with. jumper is only a movie, the latest on my dvd watching odyssey, so i refrained from using hate in my aforementioned title.

i watched jumper with a preconceived notion that it must be good, it was a huge hit in the box office and it has an amazing movie trailer. in my laziness i didn't read any movie reviews, i just based my dvd borrowing this time by what seemed cool. unfortunately for me what seemed cool happened to be a poor excuse to make a movie with hayden christensen, jamie bell, rachel bilson, and samuel l. jackson in it. the storyline was lacking on the explanation of why jumpers and palladins exist except that they have been for centuries fighting to eradicate each other. i don't even buy the sequel reason because it was a movie that lingered with too much of its show-off shots and dabbled with a romantic side but no real story and a lot of hanging issues that instead of wanting more, pissed me off. it's not even a superhero movie that allows the superfluous ability of hayden's character, david rice, to teleport. there purpose is what's missing from this movie other than a straight storyline.

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Vayie said...

Hindi nga siya maganda. Good thing Hayden provided even a little of the "eye candy"