Monday, July 28, 2008

freelance writing

i took an extra job of freelance writing fairly recently. i enjoy doing it but most of the time i get pressured by the 24 hour deadline. i applied for this job since i am mostly online and i do write. my blog is one evidence of that writing excluding the emails and the journal that i keep. the only problem i have encountered recently is that my freelance writing job has taken my mojo for my other writing passions. my blog has been stagnant for almost a month again, my emails suck, and my journal hasn't had any entry. it is as if my creativity if i could call it that and my vocabulary is being stretched every time i take an assignment there is nothing left for writing that isn't paid. i love the extra income part of freelance writing the most. it's fast and easy income, i may complain about my missing writing mojo but i can't complain about the extra cash. i just have to remind myself that there are downsides to everything. it's not as if my blog is updated constantly as i'd like it to be with or without my freelancing job.

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