Sunday, January 20, 2008

what i got?

last saturday i finally received leir's christmas gift for me. while i still haven't sent my gift for her because i think i might just wait for her to come home to manila. i knew what she was giving me since we talked about it on yahoo messenger. yet i still can't contain my excitement when liza, the maid at her parent's condo, handed the gifts to me. to me it still felt like christmas at about 3 weeks after the holidays. i have to say a big thank you to leirs for thinking of what to give me and making me so happy when receiving it. i think she read my blog on gift giving and thought very hard of how she perceives me and thought of me in general and connected it to something that's for sale.

so here's what i got:


i enjoyed greg behrendt's first book tremendously, i called it my bible on dating and although i am not going thru a break-up, leirs used the idea of me being a booklover and loving greg behrendt. this one was really well thought of and it shows that she does read my blog since i recently posted a blog regarding this book.


this is the very meaning of incorporating some of my essence. i love sex and the city, my favorite tv show ever for entertainment value and fashion insight that it has given to so many including me.

thank you leirs!

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Vayie said...

How sweet naman of her.