Sunday, January 27, 2008

best buy

i read about belle de jour planner from the shopcrazy website. i'm not into planners, i either rely on my phone or my good memory to remind me of my things to do. when the reminders tend to pile up especially when it's work related i either just write in an ordinary notebook or go high tech with a pda. belle de jour power planner has made me a convert to good old pen paper way of writing down and planning my days.

every night i would sit on the edge of my bed, i would think about my things to do, just personal ones and i would write it down, also i would tick off the things that i have done during the day. every time i take this very tiny moment of my day, i feel accomplished. that moment i tick off one errand or reminder in my belle de jour planner i am reminded that my day wasn't wasted and every time i write for tomorrow i am reminded that i am alive to have those plans and that i have hope to accomplish and to move forward with my life.

sometimes it's not the grandest things that are life changing, in my belle de jour planner's case it's the fabulous girlie little thing that has become life changing. this planner has everything that a woman needs for a planner in its pages. from life dreams, goal planner, vacation planner, birthday list, menstrual tracker, budget and finance list, credit card expense tracker, and coupons for more shopping. also in between months there are interesting articles that discusses interesting tips and trivia. as part of my gratitude to those who thought of coming out with this planner i have emailed more than a couple of times, posted my admiration in the girtalk message boards, and of course gabbed about it to my girlfriends. as early as now i am declaring it is my best buy of 2008.

belle de jour- directly translated as nice of day or beauty of the day according to an online translation.
-the french name for day lily, a flower that blooms only on daytime according to wikipedia
-a 1967 movie starring catherine deneuve based on the 1928 novel by joseph kessel, information also from wikipedia

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