Sunday, January 27, 2008


i never knew that a word game madlibs ever existed until yesterday afternoon, january 26, 2008. my friend rachelle and i went to onstage greenbelt to watch the stage play version of "tuesdays with morrie". while inside the taxi cab on the way to greenbelt she handed me the other christmas gift she has for me but has forgotten a couple of times to give since last december. so right after the play when she went to the restroom i hastily ripped the wrapping to open the gift, and there it was madlibs. i opened its pages and i instantly know it was going to be fun. when i got home last night i tried the first set of games alone and later today i tried the second set of games with my sister. it is very fun and funny.

this game has been around since the 1950s created by leonard stern and roger price and published by price stern sloan, an imprint of penguin group, cofounded by roger price and leonard stern. i had to google about madlibs to learn more. i was pleasantly surprised why until only yesterday was i introduced into this very addicting and entertaining game. it should be more popular like sudoko. i have rachelle to thank for my new source of amusement.

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