Monday, December 3, 2007


there was a time that i was in awe of the courage of trillanes and his magdalo band of soldiers. during the time of the oakwood mutiny i felt that what they were expressing was for a genuine cause, but what trillanes did together with his merry band of rebels last thursday, november 29 left such a big distaste to a lot of us filipinos.

by walking out of that makati trial court he showed a big contempt towards our justice system and our country as a whole. he isn't a mere liuetenant anymore but a democratically elected senator and he could have at least showed a little respect for everyone who helped him become a senator by being a good example of a law abiding citizen. mr. trillanes should have quietly dealt with his legal problems instead of stage another stunt that would put the country in a bad light again. it is really 3 steps backward for the whole country. it makes me want to pack my bags again and leave.

i sure didn't vote for mr. trillanes but i am guessing that for those who voted for him last may 2007 elections, he is one big disappointment. he sure seemed promising but he is just showing that he is erratic, arrogant, and impulsive. a very unbecoming officer and statesman out of him. i think this serves as a lesson in voting, the primary one is never to vote for another dumb celebrity on the highest office of the country after erap and never vote someone who has once attempted a coup d' etat, they'll always be in contempt towards our way of life just like trillanes and his predecessor gringo.

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