Thursday, December 6, 2007

a must have

i learned about greg behrendt when i first saw him on the oprah winfrey show. yes, i am a big fan of miss winfrey and i don't think that's cheesy. i think the book that he co-wrote with liz tucillo, he's not just that into you, opened so many unanswered questions of women about relationships and ended so many anxieties as well. greg was at oprah's show to promote the book of course. i got a copy of the book at barnes and noble months after that, at the time in my life where i most needed some dose of reality. it quickly became my bible in handling my relationships with men and how to deal with men.

back in 2005 greg behrendt visited the philippines. unknown to me we were in the same flight from san francisco bound to manila. i only noticed that he was a very familiar looking guy right next to me with a very tiny entourage who seemed important. i couldn't pinpoint who he was at that time since philippine airline flights from the united states arrives in manila very early at around 5am. i guess i was still disoriented so i couldn't decide if he was ty pennington or someone else. i shrugged my shoulder unknowingly missing the other half of the writing genius behind my "men bible". later that day i had to find out who he was by being greeted by a huge poster at greenbelt with greg's photo and appearance announcement. so i missed my big chance, but leirs was so nice that she attended the meet and greet and bought another copy and had it signed for me as a late birthday gift.

recently while browsing at powerbooks i found greg's new book and just like the first one it was fascinating. i didn't get a copy for myself yet, but i did skimmed and scanned through the book and i think every girl should have one and well every one. we at some point in our lives will go through a difficult break-up and we all need help in one way or the other. a book can help apart from friends.

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leira said...

buti di mo binili...just bought you a copy for you.. ipapadala ko na lang kina mama pag uwi nila..miss you BEE!!!!