Monday, December 3, 2007

the issues after

the headlines today while still pertaining to the manila peninsula standoff last thursday has spawned another issue and is fast becoming more talked about than the real issue of the act that mr. trillanes committed. the unlawful arrest of media personnels that were inside the hotel who refused to leave so that they could get the best footages and at the forefront of unfolding events. while it is unlawful to arrest them as they are just doing their jobs but the truth is they really were in the way of police business. those media people are the biggest cry babies i've seen recently. it is annoying to hear their complaints when the truth is, it all boils down to the ratings war, to the best photo that could sell more papers, to the best interview, to the best footage that could bring more viewers which could translate to money for this big tv networks and newspaper publishers.

while it is alarming that those arrests could signal the start of stiffling press freedom and basically our freedom of speech but in the philippines the press people are just simply put it, monsters out to get every last bit of information they could squeeze. one example of that is what we see everyday news reporters carelessly crossing crime scenes and ignoring boundaries for them to give space to crime scene investigators, no wonder crime is so difficult to solve in this country. just like that the media people have impeded police business at last thursday's stunt of mr. trillanes. it's just annoying to hear them cry foul now when they have surely profited from what they have done and still is by headlining more of their complaints against their arrests.

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Anonymous said...

It is not really that unlawful as media were asked to leave Manila Peninsula during the standoff because chances are they will be caught in the crossfire between the Magdalo and the PNP. Besides, who wants them to be some kind'a of collateral damage at the aftermath of it all?

Maybe it was an overkill, because they shouldn't be hauled off or handcuffs but you have to admit that the media is abusing "Freedom of the Press".