Saturday, July 9, 2011

more than a year

i haven't posted anything or tried to write anything except for what is assigned in the company newsletter in ages. i miss writing and how my thoughts can be arranged to form sentences and paragraph that forms a thought and sends a message that hopefully anyone or maybe no one gets to read. i once read in stephen king's memoir, "on writing" that if you want to be a writer you have to spare time everyday to write and have a place where writing can be conducive. i certainly don't have that discipline or that place, i wish i have that though. i mostly just complain about stress or lack of sleep as reasons for lack of inspiration to write. i have a list and i have notes on things i should write in my blog or my journal going as far back as 2008 and i never really am able to cross out some things off my list.

i get too distracted and i let my moods most of the time get in the way. the truth is facebook and twitter has been so tantalizing. a blog can't compete with 140 characters of a tweet and anything posted in facebook could get instant gratification knowing that someone clicking the like button there's an audience on what's on my mind. my mid year resolution should be: to start writing, cross my fingers i should be able to fulfill that.

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