Sunday, July 31, 2011

let's talk about religion

we're all taught not to talk about two things in life: politics and religion, it's better that we talk about something as mundane as the weather rather than talk about these two things and end up offending someone. a recent faux pas made me ask, why do we not talk about religion?
a friend and i were texting about our work woes and how we absolutely would want to be able to move on to something better. we exchanged ideas and suggestions for each other. the last text i sent her was asking if she prays novenas because i found a novena for those seeking work. she didn't reply but i was so eager to share the novena to her so when i got to work that night i immediately hurried to her cubicle and handed her the leaflet for the novena to saint cajetan, patron saint of those seeking for work. it took her about another hour to tell me through email that she can't use what i gave her because she's not catholic. i was so embarrassed and i felt my face turn red when i read that email. if you live in a country like the philippines where one religion is predominant than any others, one can become presumptuous like me. since my friend didn't reply i thought that she could just be like me, a catholic like a whole lot of filipinos. maybe in certain situations we should talk about religion, politics and whatever else is considered taboo, we all just need to find a balance so as not to offend anyone.

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