Monday, February 9, 2009

step brothers, the movie

Step brothers, the movie is one of my latest DVD watch. While I laughed at its gross-out, slapstick comedy, I also in part felt insulted by the fact that the plot just seems impossible. The main characters Brennan(Will Ferrell) and Dale(John C. Reilly) are two 40-year old men who for some reason their respective single parents missed on the diagnosis of being mentally incapacitated after the fact that Dale's father is a medical doctor. Everything in the movie just is preposterous and I can't for a lot of reasons find a reason why this was even made into a movie. Yes, I laughed at most of the grossly inappropriate jokes but I was very insulted intellectually at the same time. I'm not Nobel prize smart but I have a brain and it's fairly functioning that's why I know that this movie is plain trash.

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