Tuesday, October 23, 2007

tagapagtanggol ng kalikasan

i try very hard to temper my opinions in my blogs. i'm quite careful on what i express since web logs are quite public. i don't want what i write in my personal glorification page in the world wide web to haunt me in the future. i think the only other time, except for this blog that i am writing here, that i became quite strong to express my conviction was in a post in my friendster blog about tibet and the railways that china built there. i guess it is just irritating to me and i do feel quite strong about this that i am going to post what i think.

i like manny pacquiao. i watch his fights on tv, i cheer for him, and i am always delighted everytime he wins and gets disappointed for him when he losses. recently though back from his big fight in las vegas, he started being called "tagapagtanggol ng kalikasan". to start with he's no al gore or leonardo dicaprio or even brad pitt that had very strong statements about saving the environment and he's not even close to those scientist who won this year's nobel peace prize who tirelessly worked for global warming awareness. leonardo di caprio produced a documentary about global warming and he lives his life in a very eco friendly way, one example is driving the very cool hybrid prius. brad pitt has a program that created the first 100 houses for katrina victims that are energy efficient and eco friendly. as for mr. al gore who hasn't heard of "an inconvenient truth"? those scientist studied facts, went to study the ice caps and glaciers and even deserts to study ecology and the global warming effects. what did manny pacquiao do plant a few trees for a photo op just after being the so called defender of nature? manny lives a life that creates so much carbon footprint. motorcades to welcome him, a very obvious gas guzzler of a porsche cayenne, a private jet to fly him to general santos city, an entourage of a gazillion escort vehicles, and my list could go on. if only manny pacquiao could adapt his celebrity lifestyle to something that creates a tinier carbon footprint in this planet and maybe when he does start going around in a hybrid i might that believe that he really is more than the "pambansang kamao" and is the "tagapagtanggol ng kalikasan".

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