Tuesday, October 23, 2007

kimi raikkonen

while i am very happy that ferrari won the 2007 constructor's championship and kimi raikkonen bagged his very first career championship driving for the ferrari team, i can't help but be a tiny bit disappointed over lewis hamilton's loss in all these. everyone that knows me, knows that i am a big fan of formula one, and everyone who knows me also knows that i have been a ferrari fan for as long as i could remember. then why the disappointment over lewis hamilton who drives for mclaren-mercedes?

i like lewis hamilton, he has had one of the most sensational rookie starts ever. he is phenomenally talented and he lived out the hype that surrounded his very first season in formula one, he proved to be worth all the buzz. he became the first man of color to drive for a formula one team, he's quite young around 21 years old, and for the whole season he was just consistently driving well and finishing in the top three.

while i don't feel like lewis got robbed of this year's driver's championship, i still feel sad and i still wonder how sensational it would have become to have the first ever rookie to bag the driver's championship. it's true that yes he still has next year and a lot more years to get not just one but a lot more wins. i am just thinking what if lewis won in one of the tightest race ever for the much coveted formula one championships, in one of the most controversial and scandalous season of formula ever?

still my glee and delight for kimi, and finally after all these years.

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