Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let's Talk About My Favorite Christmas Gift

Every year I would always end up having a favorite from the gifts I got during Christmas. I'm not very fond of tweeting or posting in Facebook and Instagram photos of gifts that I got just to say thank you. I usually use them and hopefully the person who gave it to me may see a photo of me using what they gave. My favorite gift from Christmas 2013 was a reusable bag from Sac People. My friend Cathy gave it to me. She said that she had no plans at all to give it to me but she knew that the particular design she gave was really meant for me. And she was right I loved it! I love dogs so it was perfect. I recently used it a couple of weeks ago when I did grocery shopping at Landmark Makati. I totally forgot to take a snapshot of it to show how something that can be crumpled in a neat ball could accomodate so much. 

Reusble bags may be ubiquitous from department stores, clothing brands and  grocery stores coming up with their own versions. Then there are brands such Sac People, Rume, and Perigot who have dedicated their brand to the reusable bag revolution. Among those I mentioned Sac People is the most affordable with their bags priced at P150-P200. Rume costs three times that and Perigot costs about ten times that. Well there's a difference in materials and quality for each brand, that is very noticeable nonetheless I am happy with what I got. Let me just say I am very happy with it. It serves its purpose well and it's way too cute to look at. I have it in my hand bag every day just in case I may need it, with most cities in Metro Manila no longer allowing plastic bags for purchases, a reusable bag is just very handy. 

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