Friday, May 2, 2008

christmas cards in may

i was pleasantly surprised when i opened one of the five email inboxes that i own. i got an email from my dear friend timi, while it isn't unusual to receive emails from her, getting personally written emails is sporadic. it was the usual catching up email but what struck a chord in me was that, it was a christmas card that started that very heartfelt and heartwarming email. they were moving to a new house somewhere in new york and while going to the process of moving out, she found an old christmas card i sent her.

i love sending out christmas cards, from ecards which generously provides for free to the real tangible snail mail type. i have a mailing list and an emailing list which every year i add on to. last december 2007 with what happened to my sister and almost spending christmas day at the hospital i didn't get around to snail mailing any christmas cards at all. i did get around my ecard list since i have done that in november 2007, with one click of course it was programmed to be sent christmas eve. unfortunately for those who aren't techies or technology savvy relatives like my grandmother and some others i missed out on them and i still feel upset everytime i open my correspodence drawer and i see a stack of unsent christmas cards. fortunately for me, i could recycle those cards since i didn't have time to put dates on any. i could use those this coming christmas which is about eight months from now. a very good proposition for a gal like me who likes to start very early on my christmas preparations. silly but it is just a way to console myself that no matter how much i prepare for my favorite holiday some things do happen, and life happens no matter how i will prepare, things go wrong and it will be out of my control completely.

it is a welcoming knowledge that something like a christmas card could sustain a friendship and a sporadic personally written email could lead to a blog about christmas cards in may. odd but hey it's life!

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