Friday, February 15, 2008

heart break

my heart was broken by my favorite amazing race team ever that has come out both of the american version and the asian version by loosing. it has a lot to do about marc and rovilson representing my home country of the philippines in the amazing race asia 2. they are made of a different caliber. they were witty, good looking ,and they have that sense of calm that seems a lot like grace under pressure in a very grueling reality tv show that has usually brought out a lot of ugly and untoward behavior from other contestants all throughout the history of the amazing race. from consistently being on the top for most of the race they ended up third place by that last road block that required rovilson to arrange in order the flags of each country that they have visited in the entire course of the race. i was on the edge of my seat for the finale, i didn't even mind that i was home for valentine's day very much single. all i could think of was the finale and would marc and rovilson win. unfortunately they lost. i am still proud of them and how they have been a very strong formidable team but i am still very much broken hearted at the same time.

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