Thursday, September 20, 2007

reading then blogging

usually after reading great literature, i will be inspired to write, whether blogging or something more personal that gets inked into my leather bound journal, i would want to write being in the inspired state. i have read three great books for the past month. i have finished emma by jane austen which i have decided to be my favorite in all of jane austen's work, wuthering heights by emily bronte and while i was gone by sue miller that doesn't even include my side reading like newspaper and magazine articles. that was three really great works of literature, well written, critically acclaimed, good read, and should have been great sources of inspiration to write and most especially writing a blog but no i was slacking on the writing part. i made a feeble attempt to talk about bourne ultimatum on my friendster blog. i wanted to talk about it but not make a review since putting a review would have been stale by that time, irrelevant. i was happily tapping on my keyboard when my pc screen froze. so there goes my blog entry, gone since friendster blogs doesn't automatically save blog drafts like blogspot does. so i made another feeble attempt to try and rewrite it after i had restarted my pc but then the vibe of writing was gone, the flow of ideas gone "pfft" and so i checked my blogs two blogs recently and i was so sad that my last entry in my friendster blog was in july and in my blogspot august.

i had about a liter of iced tea for dinner, i don't drink coffee so when i need a caffeine boost i take something else like iced tea, i forced myself to sit down infront of the pc, tap the keyboards and blog something decent. i had quite a few ideas, one was post videos of my current favorite tv ads and talk about them, at the same time post what is in my opinion the worst tv ad out there and talk about why i hate it. but then i decided against that, i will save that for later though. i want me to write something, to talk about something, and to practice on my writing. placing video clips would be glossing over my purpose. although i have to say this is mediocre, it is a consolation though that i managed to write this one.

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Vayie said...

Finally, you have a post! Now I know the reason why you haven't posted anything for so many days. I guess most bloggers, from time to time, would always have a "dry spell", a time when you wanted to blog something significant, "sharp-as-knife" and profound but then the outcome is somehow mediocre. I tend to procrastinate too and those times I go on a hiatus than to talk about something that's already redundant and monotonous.

That's why in my case, I try to blog what I feel. I feel, therefore I blog. Never mind if it's mediocre, mundane and nonsensical for some. =)

Welcome back!