Monday, July 30, 2007


1. here's to not leaving anything to chance. loosing luggage on any trip is such a hassle. the coolest thing that i've come across is this bagtag and bag stickers. it works by creating an owner's database in the internet for owners of this handy things.

2. my absolute source of comfort and delight. i love how godiva made such delicious hot chocolate mix. my absolute favorite is the milk chocolate variant. i am already dreaming of this now especially that it is raining. i remember hoarding canisters when i was in the states as this isn't sold in the philippines.

3. there's something about feeling so feminine when wearing a dress. i love dresses and i can't get enough of them.

4. i have been curious about lemony snicket's series of unfortunate events. i haven't gotten a copy of any of the thirteen books though i have scanned and skimmed through its pages at the bookstore. the picture below is the boxed set of the complete series.

5. although i already own the complete seven books of the harry potter series. i still would like to get the british version of all the seven books. selfish and very obsessive but i think it is very reasonable when being a true fan.

6. i have been hooked to this products. my mom and i wanted to tried it out when we saw it at rustan's supermarket and i have become a fan.

7. i'm in search of what phone to buy and this one has really been helpful. it's between the blackberry, the palm treo, and the not yet available here in the philippines iphone.

8. when i first saw this digital camera on an internet ad in yahoo, it was love at first sight. although the nv7 is a lot sleeker looking and a whole lot more feminine in size and looks but i think i prefer this for the features.

9. this is every bookworm's dream. a carry all the books i want minus the weight. this is called an illiad reader. can accomodate thirty books at a time. very great to carry around especially on that lazy beach vacation.

10. this is my part of being earth friendly in a fashionable style. anya hindmarch designed this canvass supermarket bag available at wholefoods. it is sold in limited numbers and has caused quite a craze.

posting this dosn't mean that i expect to be opening any one of these as either birthday present or christmas present. i am merely exepressing what to me is cool. i actually think that what we want even the superficial want of material things expresses our personalities.

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